The seminar was like being taken back to the start of my training when I knew nothing about Systema. What we covered was concentrated but also general at the same time so that it was like doing over a year of instruction condensed into five hours. This was ideal for anyone of any experience to revisit previous training, as well as for newcomers to see and experience what Systema is, nicely encapsulated in a day of practice.

Evade, Escape, Prevail – Seminar Review, Carl

Awesome day David and team. Very empowering lessons learned and I feel a lot more confident dealing with debilitating situation’s. Can’t wait for the next one!

Evade, Escape, Prevail – Seminar Review, Roy V

The seminar has expanded my way of thinking about movement and creativity in a compromised position.  David really delivered with a high level of clear communication and attention to detail as we were immersed in the concepts presented throughout the day’s duration. I highly recommend David’s seminars to anyone wanting to enrich their understanding of freedom, movement and the essence of short work. 5 stars !

Evade, Escape, Prevail – Seminar Review, Matthew

Recently I attended the “Evade, Escape Prevail” Seminar. It was conducted by instructor David Mundi in a warm, welcoming, and very friendly environment. The topics covered were real-world scenarios, that are often discussed but never really covered. Through David’s instruction fear and panic were induced in such a manner to be able to work with them, but always monitored closely so that I always felt reassurance. New and unique exercises were incorporated throughout the day to promote creativity and to learn to work with whatever is available to you. I would highly recommend to anyone wanting to see what Systema has to offer to attend any of David’s seminars in the future. Personally, I look forward to the next one!

Evade, Escape, Prevail – Seminar Review, Josh

I was wanting to learn practical self defense and take my fitness levels to new heights, so it helped being surrounded by motivated and fun people – come and train at H2H Tactics.

Training With H2H Tactics, Mike S