We are very humbled to start the year with an award from Systema Toronto HQ and be recgonised with Matt Hill.

We would like to mention all the other recipients of awards and give them our congratulations!

Strong in Spirit Award – Adam and Brendon Zettler
For overcoming great hardship together.

Dedication Award – Janet Bernard
Most dedicated and supportive Systema participant.

Student of the Year – Taizo Akiyama
For extreme diligence and desire and ability to learn.

Most Determined Traveller – Takeshi Nishiwaki
The only international visitor to Systema HQ Toronto this year, all the way from Singapore.

Time Hero Award – Michael Gonevski
For consistent participation in all the online classes, many of which took place in the middle of the night UK time.

Less Tension, More Power Award – Matt Hill, David Mundi
Hardworking and talented instructors, training seriously and running their schools regardless of time differences and challenging situations in their countries.

Strength, Courage, Humility Award – Scott McQueen, Andy Cefai, Ryo Onishi
These three instructors from Japan have all demonstrated these noble qualities.

Best Translator – Peter Shima
For his excellent translations of numerous online classes and seminars.

The Ambassador of Systema – Taka Kitagawa
For his outstanding and tireless support and steps to develop Systema.

Honourable Mentions – Johnny Torres, Jocko Shapira
The youngest Systema practioners, age 18 months, have mastered many Systema moves.