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My husband and I were recently in Adelaide visiting family and decided to try the Systema classes while we were there. I was pleasantly surprised by the hearty welcome and immediately felt at ease training with this team. Everyone went out of their way to make us feel at ease and explain and assist us in every way possible. I was impressed by their dedication and willingness to share their knowledge. Both sessions attended were done in a relaxed manner and I learnt much about tension reduction and breath, which are fundamental to Systema. The depth and breadth of knowledge was outstanding. As a teacher of 35 years I appreciated being taught well by an expert in the field.

Heike Orlow, Master of Education and Toowoomba Systema student

I have now attended 4 fantastic seminars at H2H… Living interstate makes for a few challenges, however all the crew at H2H bend over backwards to help and make sure my experiences are memorable…

David is a skilled instructor, always willing to give his time to make sure your training is second to none.

I cannot recommend H2H enough… Whether you are a veteran martial artist or a novice starting your journey, you will not be disappointed


What a fantastic seminar! One of the standouts would have to have been how to move and get free whilst being under restraint (hands tied). It was very empowering and can’t wait to train with David and the H2H Tactics crew again!


I visited H2H as an interstate traveller, already familiar with Systema, to experience a new training venue.
I have a teaching and lecturing background and have been a professional homoeopath for over 30 years,
so I was able to appreciate and understand the great skill and subtlety of the trainers.
David and his staff are first class instructors. This is so because they are in regular contact with world class Systema exponents.
These guys made Systema sing, and I left with a very relaxed and greatly empowered sense of well-being.
Systema at H2H is a very good reason for me to visit Adelaide again (apart from seeing family!)
I wish them every success for the future – they deserve it for being the dedicated professionals that they are.

Yuri Orlow, Classical Homoeopath and Systema student at Toowoomba, QLD

The seminar was like being taken back to the start of my training when I knew nothing about Systema. What we covered was concentrated but general at the same time so that it was like doing over a year of instruction condensed into five hours! This was ideal for anyone of any experience to revisit previous training, as well as newcomers to see and experience what Systema truly is, nicely encapsulated in a day of practice.


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